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LURN is Executive Coaching and Alignment Optimisation Consultancy catalysing leaders to improve their effectiveness and that of their teams by connecting the dots between strategy, leadership and people to improve performance and deliver superior outcomes.

In today’s fast paced, rapidly changing world we take a holistic approach to:

• Individual, Team and Organisational Effectiveness
• Alignment Based Change & Transformation

Our approach blends coaching, consulting and advisory practices.

We explore perspectives to stimulate solution oriented mindsets to enable you, your team and your organisation to more clearly articulate issues, achieve alignment, co-create and deliver solutions to meet aspirations; reducing costs, minimising wasted energy and more effectively aligning resources … at a pace to meet your needs and use your time efficiently.

Achieve Higher Efficiency

Unleash Higher Performance

Harness the Power of Networks

Create Greater Value

People Development

Realise Potential

Who We Are

Lesz Sikorski

  • People Strategist and advisor with 30 years global MNC experience in leading change and organisation development
  • Certificated professional coach

We focus on supporting clients to be agile, adapted and relevant for the fast paced, digitally enabled, ever changing world in which we all live.

Our intention is bottom line impact through alignment and building of structures & practices to improve human performance.

Our mission is to find a better way, one interaction and project at a time, to build capability, resilience and benefit to the world at large.

  • We move the mind and the heart
  • We know that we don’t have all the answers
  • We believe in creative problem solving
  • We practice co-creating solutions
  • We release latent potential
  • We engage in lifelong learning


Good Leadership by Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit

There’s a growing body of knowledge that recognises the interconnectivity of the mind and body. Many people spend a lot of time in their own heads thinking rationally, logically in order to deliver results and be happy. What one [...]

LURN Virtual Café – Mental Fitness Muscle Building

Throughout this past year topics such burn-out, resilience and emotional intelligence have been grabbing the headlines and have been elevated to the top tier of the HR and leadership agenda as people and businesses continue [...]

LURN Virtual Café – Mental Fitness

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The Importance of Organizational Alignment

Alignment is more important than we often consider it to be. It’s about shifting from “I think this” to “we agree to do that”. Alignment is key. Some companies do it very well. Some look at alignment at the start […]

Learning Why Collaborations Fail

Learning from research In our previous two articles we have learnt that most collaborations fail to deliver on expectations. The next area of focus is to explore the science of what goes wrong. Various fascinating theories and [...]

What Goes Wrong With Collaborations?

In our previous article, we highlighted that the way organisations collaborate is not working. Collaborations rarely achieve what they set out to. But what goes wrong? In reality there are all kinds of flaws with collaborations, but [...]

Introducing the Science of Co-Ordinated Action

Every organisational achievement is the result of collaboration. Whether it be annual growth, a new strategic direction, an acquisition, a policy or a divestment, the accomplishment will be the product of discussion, teamwork and [...]

Podcasts: Why Stakeholder Alignment is so Critical

In leading change and transformation it’s common for those telling the story of the ‘aspired to future’ and ‘need for change’ to fall into the trap of focusing their attention on aligning stakeholders to their way of thinking […]

Leadership Coaching Client’s Development Focus

2020 brought a broad range of challenges, and opportunities, for the leaders we worked with. Many of these would have existed without the pandemic that has engulfed our world. In many cases, these challenges were [...]

Global Leadership Dialogue: Connecting with Customers

Problem finding is more persuasive than problem solving. Finding hidden problems now matters much more than trying to solve existing ones – Dan Pink, Author, To Sell is Human The dynamics of interacting with customers has shifted [...]

4 Reasons to Embrace a New Leadership Approach

Top-Down leadership is no longer sufficiently quick or nimble to deliver differentiated performance. The pressure to innovate, adapt and create added value is the new normal. The degree of disruptive change is accelerating [...]

Collaboration Will Help Us Embrace a ‘Better Normal’

From their London, Singapore and Sydney bases, the four partners (LURN, Rialto, X-PM & ASQ Projects) sponsored the Global Leadership Dialogue. In recent weeks this series brought together groups of leaders to explore their most [...]

Clients We Love To Partner With

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During the last 30 years of working with global multinational corporations and their operating subsidiaries, Lesz has helped professionals and leaders at all levels develop their skills and focus. Here's what they have to say about him.

Saskia Groen-in't-Woud

CEO of Damco

I can attest to his professionalism, ability to exercise the company strategy and engage with employees at every level in its delivery.

Rajesh Surana

CEO of LafargeHolcim

Lesz has been extremely effective in managing and developing talent pool and in becoming the bridge between the peers and our supervisor.

Gian Sharma

Mother, Care-Giver & Participator

Lesz was instrumental in my personal transformation and growth; he nudged me to do the “inner work” I needed to see my true potential.

Caroline Luscombe

Exec VP of HR at Sanofi

Lesz is an outstanding HR leader and has great breadth of expertise across all HR disciplines but particularly strong in HR business partnering.

Daniel Bach

CEO & Regional P&L Leader

The interactions with Lesz were a most valuable input in my career transition and I can highly recommend Lesz as your professional coach.

Veena Srini

Director, Quality Assurance

Lesz is great if you are looking for someone to challenge your thinking status quo and makes you realise the work needed for change management.

Who We Love To Work With

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