4 Reasons to Embrace a New Leadership Approach

Top-Down leadership is no longer sufficiently quick or nimble to deliver differentiated performance:

  • ↠ The pressure to innovate, adapt and create added value is the new normal
  • ↠ The degree of disruptive change is accelerating
  • ↠ The scale of distributed knowledge in organisations is growing
  • ↠ The increasing diversity within organisations is bringing new and different expectations, values and drivers

Leaders need to embrace approaches that offer the speed and scale needed to enable their organisations to thrive in the face of dynamic and constant change.

Harnessing fast and efficient mass collaboration on strategic goals is not only a means for achieving organisational survival, more importantly it is a route to achieving competitive advantage. Such approaches shift leadership from “I know” to “we are aligned”, creating leadership that is willing and capable to engage their teams, employees and stakeholders, and to lead at speed.

Our alignment based, strategic decision-making methodology and Augmented Intelligence tool enables leaders to address any strategic topic with any stakeholder group.


Achieving alignment; a defined and endorsed action plan, a KPI scorecard and activity road map. All conducted virtually, with full transparency and confidentiality.

Alignment Optimisation enables a new leadership approach, offering:

  • ↠ Defined success factors
  • ↠ Overcomes unintended consequences and barriers
  • ↠ Addresses mis-alignment
  • ↠ Delivers a data driven Case for Change
  • ↠ Delivers an endorsed action plan, rich success scorecard and roadmap
  • ↠ Delivers results as intended… on time, on budget, on benefit


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Lesz Sikorski

  • People Strategist, coach and advisor with 30 years global MNC experience in leading change and organisation development
  • Certificated professional coach
  • Lived on 2 continents, worked on 6 and visited over 45 countries
  • Previous roles have included HR Director APAC, Group Head of Organisational Development, Project Director – Change & Development and Global Programme Manager, Operational Improvement