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Stakeholder Alignment

You know your business

You know your market

Do you know your stakeholder’s opinions

We know stakeholder alignment

Approximately 75% of all change initiatives fail to meet target objectives. For digital transformations that figure grows to over 80%. 

What’s the major cause of failure in change, in benefit leakage, in delays, in spiraling cost …. the lack of stakeholder alignment.

Most change initiatives fail to surface and address the diverse opinions and sentiments of the impacted stakeholder group. Most change initiatives seek to align people’s thinking to that of the change sponsor. Most fail! 

Alignment of thinking is a near impossibility that most still strive for when leading change and transformation. Despite the 3 in 4 failure rate, leaders continue to lead in this way. A focus on alignment of action brings people together to collaborate on agreed, measurable actions.

Stakeholder Alignment measures the range of opinions and sentiments and moves people from “I think this” to “we all agree to do that”. 

Combining AI technology with a proven methodology based on validated research, our approach has been delivered in 500+ projects globally amongst the Fortune 500, FTSE 1000, SMEs, Public and Government / Health care sectors. 

Enabling you to:

– optimise collaboration and alignment of any number of stakeholders – within one team, function, business unit, company and between multiple networked stakeholders
– measure alignment and sentiment which are the 2 critical elements to any change or development programme
–  get from “I think this” to “We all agree to that”
– move fast, be time efficient and be data driven


Lifelong learning requires us to un-learn, re-learn and nu-learn – Let LURN be a partner in your journey.

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