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Leadership and Executive Effectiveness

We don’t get hired because people want coaching; we get hired because people want a partner to help them solve an issue, to be more effective or to get ready for something.
In today’s fast paced, highly dynamic and disruptive world, learning lifelong is a necessity.
We co-create programmes with our clients, leveraging our extensive range of experience, to build a clear picture of desired outcomes, measures of success and benefits. We surface unintended consequences to success, frame barriers to overcome and surface assumptions. From this vantage point, we facilitate our clients to plot a course, step-by-step, action-by-action, to move toward their goal.

Our work offers a deeply personal experience. It centres on knowing oneself more clearly and building mental fitness as a means to shift to being a better and more effective version of oneself. In team and organisational contexts, the process of deepening self awareness is central to building alignment, unlocking performance and potential.

In 2020 the most common topics our clients worked on were:

  • Emotional Intelligence / Self-Awareness
  • Influencing
  • Career Management & Development

 Other topics:

  • Leading Self – Resilience / Confidence
  • Leading Others – Motivating & Engaging Others / Leading Change / Delegation
  • Strategy – Shaping the Strategy / Focusing on the Critical and Strategic Few Issues

Outputs and WIIFU

We support you in your journey; from issue identification, through gaining insights on current conditions, to co-creating paths to success and embedding practices to achieve sustainable change.


Lifelong learning requires us to un-learn, re-learn and nu-learn – Let LURN be a partner in your journey.


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