LURN Virtual Café – Mental Fitness

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” Robin Sharma

2021 continues to bring a wide range of challenges and opportunities for people leaders. Over the past 6-months our clients have raised the following as the top of their agenda – building better relationships with colleagues, resilience, work/life balance, developing others, performance conversations, upskilling, managing conflict and time management.

In many instances, either directly or more broadly, conversions turn to feelings of being over-extended, ineffective and disengaged. In most cases, upon exploration and reflection there is recognition that a lot of the noise in our minds is self-generated, self-fuelling and more often than not, simply just not true.

To support our clients we approach this based on the concept of Positive Intelligence and apply the Mental Fitness operating system – noticing self-limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the building of mental muscles to both let go of these and to access our own wisdom to move forward with positivity.

Mental Fitness is a key driver of personal effectiveness and a critical factor to success in our fast changing, complex world. Put simply, it is about your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset. Just like going to the gym or going for a run, the building of mental muscles is a practice and habit that can be developed and grown.

To learn more about mental fitness, reach out to me at the LURN Virtual Café, +65 8522 7366


Our philosophy is based on lifelong learning:

un-learning redundant or restrictive things

re-learning skills and behaviours that are being overlooked and can be made useful again

nu-learning of skills, habits and behaviours

Lesz Sikorski

  • People Strategist, coach and advisor with 30 years global MNC experience in leading change and organisation development
  • Certificated professional coach
  • Lived on 2 continents, worked on 6 and visited over 45 countries
  • Previous roles have included HR Director APAC, Group Head of Organisational Development, Project Director – Change & Development and Global Programme Manager, Operational Improvement