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4 Reasons to Embrace a New Leadership Approach

Top-Down leadership is no longer sufficiently quick or nimble to deliver differentiated performance. The pressure to innovate, adapt and create added value is the new normal. The degree of disruptive change is accelerating [...]

Business Recovery in the New Normal

Over the last 6-8 weeks I’ve been conscious of the large number of CV19 related emails landing in my inbox sharing articles, inviting me to webinars or to complete a survey. In this time I’ve read many articles about business, […]

COVID-19 Coaching with the LURN Virtual Café

Caring for the people who care for the people in organisations. As you move from crisis reaction to finding your place in the new-normal, to leading self and others through times of uncertainty and rapid change, to re-boot you [...]

Minimising Distractions When Working from Home

The trend for home working has been gathering pace over the past few years as technology has enabled high performance remote access, file sharing and virtual collaboration. At the same time, more enlightened leaders have [...]

Why Transformation and Change Initiatives Fail

Apparently according to research it’s around 75%. Deloitte issued a report last year with findings about digital transformations stating about 80% failed to meet their defined aims. Generally in my conversations with [...]

Sustaining Change – The Resources I Need Are In Me

You’ve invested in yourself, you’ve dug deep, you’ve worked hard, implemented new skills and completed your coaching programme. You’ve hit your project goals, thanked your coach and now are ready to move on […]

Coaching Tailored for the VUCA World, Part 2

In Part 1 we recognised the growth in the numbers of professional coaches, especially in Asia, and proposed that coaching is the next “must have” learning, development and change approach to adopt in our fast paced, VUCA world [...]

Coaching Tailored for the VUCA World, Part 1

Executive Coaching has been around for many decades and whilst it is an unregulated profession, the numbers of certified coaches continues to increase. In Asia, businesses have been slower to adopt executive and business coaching