Podcasts: Why Stakeholder Alignment is so Critical

Learn why stakeholder alignment is so critical to successful change

In leading change and transformation it’s common for those telling the story of the ‘aspired to future’ and ‘need for change’ to fall into the trap of focusing their attention on aligning stakeholders to their way of thinking.

The unintended consequences result in stakeholder’s perspectives and insights being untapped and their concerns and foresight on barriers and consequences unexplored.

Research indicates mis-alignment, which results in reduced employee and stakeholder engagement, buy-in and motivation, is a major cause of change and transformation failure.

In these two, 15-minute long, podcasts we offer great insights shared by our colleagues Lesley Lindberg and George Mystkowski from The Rialto Consultancy in the X-PM Transition Partners ‘Change and Transformation’ podcast series.

Episode 1:

George and Lesley are experts in digital transformation, alignment, and change management are in conversation with Lesz Sikorski and Mike Magee about the importance of creating alignment in the organisation when undergoing the transformation process, and shared loads of other great information.

Episode 2:

In this episode, we continue the conversation about driving alignment to enable more effective and efficient transformation. Specifically discussed is the speed of the process using AI consulting, the efficient use of participant time and the honesty the process allows for participants.

Lesz Sikorski

  • People Strategist, coach and advisor with 30 years global MNC experience in leading change and organisation development
  • Certificated professional coach
  • Lived on 2 continents, worked on 6 and visited over 45 countries
  • Previous roles have included HR Director APAC, Group Head of Organisational Development, Project Director – Change & Development and Global Programme Manager, Operational Improvement